What age should people start getting facials?

I think people should start to get facials in their teens, around 12 or 13, because this is around the time that problems start. If teens are taught at a young age how to properly take care of their skin they will avoid a lot of problems in the future. I do a teen facial which I spend the time telling them how to take care of their skin. How important cleansing morning and night is and how they need to wash after sporting activities, etc. The importance of moisturizing and sunscreen and how damaging picking at their skin is are also things that I discuss with them. I have a lot of teenage clients and it really makes a big difference in their skin and their self-esteem!

I will say though that it is NEVER to late to start getting facials. Facials can improve your skin at any age. So no matter how old you are give it a try and see how wonderful facials really are!

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