What are these brown spots and how do I get rid of them?

There are typically three types of hyper-pigmentation-

Melasma is usually due to hormonal fluctuations. They are large dense patches that usually have distinct lines of demarcation. They can commonly be know as mask of pregnancy. This form is very hard to treat. It is usually found deeper in the skin and can sometimes worsen if treated improperly. Chemical peels have shown to be very effective in the treatment of this condition.

Photo-damage is caused by sun exposure. Commonly know as "age spots", this condition is easier to treat. These spots are usually closer to the surface of the skin and respond well to topical treatments. Laser therapy has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of this condition. Chemical peels also give great results.

PIH is post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. These spots are usually formed from acne lesions or trauma to the skin. It can appear as brown or red spots on the skin. This is can be really tricky to treat because a lot of the products and treatments cause irritation to the skin which in turn can cause more hyper-pigmentation. A more gentle approach is absolutely necessary in the treatment of this condition. Low dose, consistent chemical peels have shown to be the best approach to correct this condition.