Lactic acid

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that has many uses in the skin care industry. As you may have guessed by the name, lactic acid is derived from milk. It has been used for centuries for improving the condition of the skin. Cleopatra was even documented as having taken milk baths for softer smoother skin! Lactic acid is still used in many skin care products today.

Alpha hydroxy acids are used to break down the bond that holds the dead skin on your face. This leaves the skin exfoliated and feeling smooth.

When used as a chemical peel it is best suited for dry, sensitive skin. Lactic acid has a larger molecule so it doesn't penetrate the skin as rapidly as say glycolic acid so it causes less irritation. There are many different strengths available so make sure your esthetician knows what strength is best for you skin.

It is also used in home care products. It can be used as a gentle exfoliante and it will add extra hydration at lower levels. It is also used as a pigment lightener. It is a very versatile product and one of my favorite treatments to use in the facial room.


New Product

I have brought in a new product I am so excited about.

AVST or Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy is a range of products from Environ. AVST  is produced in five varying strengths of vitamins A and C. All of the products contain antioxidants, flavonoids and penetrant enhancers while AVST 3 and up also contain peptides to promote collagen and elastin formation.

No fragrance or sunscreen is included in this range therefore a sunscreen is necessary.

This is a "step-up" approach to Vitamin A. Vitamin A can be very irritating to the skin so easing into it is the best approach. By the time you get to AVST 4 and 5 you are using Vitamin A that is perscription stength.