Never pick at your skin.

Picking at your skin is a major No, No.

Did you know that picking causes 80-90% of acne scaring. Typically cystic acne is the only kind acne that leaves scaring. All other scars are usually caused by improperly extracting the pimple.

I never recommend picking your own skin but if you are going to do it there are a few rules you have to follow:

1. Never touch a pimple unless it has a white or yellow cap on the top. If it doesn't have one of those it is not ready and no matter how much picking you do you will not get any or all of it out.

2. Wait until your right out of the shower. This makes the skin softer and more pliable.

3. When you do do the extraction always use q-tips NOT your fingernails! Take two q-tips push on either side of the pimple and make a scooping motion to get underneath the pimple. Pushing straight down on the pimple will cause it to break underneath the skin. The skin will then push the bacteria along and you will get another pimple in a different spot.

4. The extraction is done as soon as you see blood. The area will still be raised and swollen. This is normal. If you try to extract until the area is flat you will definitely damage the skin, leaving a scab or even worse a scar!

5. Lastly you have to treat the area immediately. I suggest using a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. In a pinch hydrogen peroxide will work as well.

Again I never recommend doing it yourself but if you follow these rules you will cause much less trauma to the skin. Seeing a professional is the best way to get rid of your blemishes. We are highly trained and have the proper implements to do the job right!


What age should people start getting facials?

I think people should start to get facials in their teens, around 12 or 13, because this is around the time that problems start. If teens are taught at a young age how to properly take care of their skin they will avoid a lot of problems in the future. I do a teen facial which I spend the time telling them how to take care of their skin. How important cleansing morning and night is and how they need to wash after sporting activities, etc. The importance of moisturizing and sunscreen and how damaging picking at their skin is are also things that I discuss with them. I have a lot of teenage clients and it really makes a big difference in their skin and their self-esteem!

I will say though that it is NEVER to late to start getting facials. Facials can improve your skin at any age. So no matter how old you are give it a try and see how wonderful facials really are!


Roll-CIT treatment

This an amazing new treatment that I am offering at the salon. It is now the #1 treatment in Europe!

The treatment is simple. It is all about penetrating the proper products deeper into the skin to achieve maximum results. A roller that has very small needles all around it is rolled over the skin. This creates very small holes in the skin allowing the product to penetrate deeper. I love this because unlike chemical peels or micro dermabrasion it doesn't disrupt the outer layer of the skin and there is absolutely no downtime. These small holes also cause the wound healing process to kick in. When healing occurs collagen is produced to protect the skin. More collagen equals tighter, more supple skin.

I have been doing this treatment for about a month. Another great part is that the client gets to keep the roller. They take it home and use it 4-7 nights a week then apply the AVST product that is recommended for their skin type. The results have been incredible. I have been using it myself for about 5 weeks and cannot believe the difference in my skin.

I have included a testimonial from one of my clients. Come in and give it a try, you'll love it!!!!!!!!

Dear Angie,

After 6 weeks on the Environ AVST program, I am seeing dramatic 
results. My skin is amazingly smoother and firmer, and the brown spots 
from years of sun damage have faded considerably. Friends have been 
telling me that I look "younger" and refreshed. Wow! It has not been 
the easiest program to follow -- the rolling adds another 3-5 minutes 
to my cleansing routine at night and takes getting used to -- a pain 
in the neck for an already busy person! But the results have been 
worth the investment of time. Thank you for introducing me to this 
terrific product.